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Sing and dance with ABBA holograms at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm

Stockholm - the cosmopolitan northern metropolis on the Baltic Sea

For many travelers, the Scandinavian countries are particularly popular! A popular destination for city tourists is the Swedish capital Stockholm. With about one million inhabitants, the city is the largest metropolis in Sweden and has been the residence of the king since 1643.

Stockholm is located at the outflow of Lake Mälaren into the Baltic Sea. Around 30 percent of the city's area is water and this is also a defining element in the city's layout - numerous bridges and islands characterize Stockholm's cityscape. In total, the city extends over 14 islands, which are connected by 53 bridges.

Stockholm has a special history and is home to numerous celebrities such as the chemist and inventor Alfred Nobel and the cult band ABBA.

Today, the city is a welcoming, modern and innovative metropolis in harmony with its centuries-old tradition, multi-faceted future and love of nature.

In the city's iconic and colorful neighborhoods, you'll find numerous cultural institutions, restaurants and sights, as well as great and top-equipped accommodations and charming, small city hotels.

Stockholm: Tips for your city tour and the ABBA Museum

In order to plan your stay in Stockholm in the best possible way and get the most out of your trip, you need some preparation and solid organization. After all, you want to see the best sightseeing highlights on your city tour, enjoy the culinary offerings to the fullest, and have a relaxing trip at the same time!

For the ideal preparation, we recommend the Stockholm Travel Guide by Triposo. There you will find a great overview and exciting background information about the sights of the city. This way, you can put together the perfect city tour for you even before your arrival.

During your city trip through Stockholm, you should definitely explore a lot on foot to absorb the flair of the city. If your legs get heavy, it's worth switching to the water cab. With the Djurgården ferry, you'll discover Stockholm from a completely different perspective!

And just a few minutes walk from the center is the world famous and iconic ABBA Museum. Right next door is also the Skansen Open Air Museum and the Vasa Museum. The ABBA Museum exhibits the band's stage clothes, artifacts and concert photographs.

Likewise, you can sing, dance and perform with the ABBA holograms for the real ABBA experience!

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