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Boston - Massachusetts capital on the east coast of the USA

Boston, the largest city in New England and capital of the U.S. state of Massachusetts on the east coast of the United States. The metropolis is one of the oldest, wealthiest and culturally richest cities in the country.

In the metropolitan area and in the city center of Boston you will discover numerous sights, such as the world-famous Harvard University, Symphony Hall, the city park Boston Common or the recreational areas Cape Cod and the island Martha's Vineyard.

What's special in Boston: explore the city on foot on a guided tour along the Freedom Trail. A red line with individual markers running along the sidewalks leads through the history of the American independence movement.


In Boston's historic core, you'll discover impressive and imposing buildings, as well as phenomenal and charming city hotels and accommodations - here, every visitor will find the right place to stay during their visit to Boston.

At what time of year is a visit to Boston or New England particularly worthwhile? During the fall months, of course. Then you can experience the world famous Indian Summer!

Experience Indian Summer in Boston

It all starts with slight discoloration and culminates in one of the most impressive and beautiful natural experiences in the world! We are talking about the incomparable Indian Summer - a colorful play of nature's colors that will amaze you!

Indian Summer begins at the end of September, when the lush deciduous forests in southern Canada begin to change color. Until the end of October, the Indian Summer keeps the forests in a colorful carpet of color, before the cold months begin.

For a road trip through the colorful sea of leaves, Boston is the ideal starting point. After arriving in the city on the East Coast, you can first arrive and plan your next steps.

From there, you can start your tour, for example, heading north via Cape Ann, to Cape Neddick and on to Portland. From there you will also reach the White Mountains. Continue to Greenfield and back to Boston - a dreamlike route through the Indian Summer of America!

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