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Rio de Janeiro – Megacity at the Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil and the capital of the state of the same name. The city is located on the Guanabara Bay in the southeast of the country, where today it is estimated that more than seven million people live.

The city on Sugarloaf Mountain is a multi-faceted megacity and even in its history was the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil between 1815 and 1821.


The city's landmark is the 38-meter high statue of Christ at the top of Corcovado. Also world famous is the beach of the Copacabana district, with its crescent shape. Rio is also known for its carnival. Every year millions of visitors flock to the city to admire the colorful hustle and bustle, the dancers with their elaborate costumes and the colorful parade floats!

In the coastal metropolis you will find, in addition to the numerous sights, also great and charming hotels and accommodations! Let yourself be captivated by the magic of the city and experience the incomparable flair of Rio de Janeiro with a delicious caipirinha on one of the beautiful city beaches - sun, sand and samba await you!

Rio de Janeiro, the carnival capital under the protection of the Sugarloaf Mountain

Rio de Janeiro is an absolutely unique place! On the shores around the Sugarloaf Mountain and in the neighborhoods like Ipanema, life is raging - intoxicating samba and bossa nova rhythms will make you literally dance to the sound of the city!

World famous and incomparable is the beach of the district Ipanema. The neighborhood was made famous by the song Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema) - the description of a good-looking woman from the Ipanema neighborhood who gilded the sun with her beauty.

In Ipanema, in addition to the incomparable beach, there are numerous bars, restaurants and cafes that invite you to linger. Enjoy regional specialties and listen to the sounds of live bands that perform in the evening in the bars.

Another highlight of the city is the Sugarloaf Mountain, under whose protection the city lies! With a cable car, you reach the 394-meter-high summit of the granite rock. From up there, you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over the whole city and the sea!

In the early morning hours or at sunset, you can watch how the sun reflects orange-golden in the glass towers.

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