Book your trip to Chinese New Year in Beijing
On 29 January 2025

Book your trip to Chinese New Year in Beijing

Beijing - sights and attractions in China's capital city

Beijing, the city is a melting pot of the ancient and legendary history of the country and its exciting future! China and especially Beijing offers a colorful mix of tradition and modernity, which you will experience and discover during your excursions and tours through the city.

The metropolis of 21 million inhabitants in the province of Hebei today looks back on a past of more than three thousand years - cultural highlights are the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall of the People as well as the Temple of Heaven or the Yihe Yuan Summer Palace.

Beijing has so much to offer that it would actually take several trips to see all the sights.

In the city, you can choose from numerous luxurious accommodations and charming city hotels in the historic districts of Beijing. A tip for art enthusiasts when choosing a hotel: choose accommodation near the Liu Li Chang Art Street, Beijing's Street of Calligraphy. Paintings, calligraphy, porcelain sculptures and other art treasures are for sale in the famous alley.

But one event outshines almost all sights and makes your China vacation an unforgettable experience!

The Chinese New Year Festival in Beijing

Chinese New Year is considered the most important traditional Chinese holiday and is celebrated every year in a colorful and dazzling way. Many Chinese traditionally celebrate the beginning of the new year together with their families.

The Chinese New Year is calculated according to the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar and always falls on a new moon between January 21 and February 21.

During the New Year, the windows and doors of the houses are often opened to let in the luck during the celebration. Traditionally, sweet foods are also often served to duly sweeten the New Year.

If you are planning your trip to China and are still looking for the right time to go, mark your calendar for February! Experience an incredible spectacle and celebrate the Chinese New Year in China's capital.

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