Book your trip to the Holi Festival in Bangalore
On 14 March 2025

Book your trip to the Holi Festival in Bangalore

Bangalore - Sightseeing, Culture & Attractions

The city in the Deccan tableland of the Indian subcontinent is also called the Silicon Valley of India and combines the traditional past of the country with its innovative claims to its future! Since 2006, the city has officially borne the city name Bengaluru.

In addition to all the technological developments, businesses and advances that the city undertakes, it also offers the ideal balance thanks to extensive gardens, museums, palaces and temples. That is why Bangalore is also popularly called from garden city.

Top sights in Bangalore:

  • Vidhana Soudha
  • Cubbon Park
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Lal Bagh
  • Palace of Bangalore

In the center of the city you will find a rich cultural offer of different sights, restaurants and attractions (e.g. markets). You can explore the city on a guided half-day tour. Discover the market of Bangalore Pete City with locals and immerse yourself in a world of colorful colors and scents of spices and specialties of India.

Celebrate Holi Festival in Bangalore (India)

Every year, India is bathed in a sea of color as revelers celebrate the beginning of spring. Holi is a traditional Hindu festival, but it is only one part of the historic festivities. In the Indian region of Braj, for example, the traditional celebrations last up to 16 days.

Symbolically, the triumph of good over evil is celebrated. The colors are also meant to hide cultural and social differences and show that all people are equal. The bright colors and festive dancing will immerse you in an imaginative world where joy and happiness are at the center.

For all curious people and travelers to India who want to celebrate the traditional Holi festival, there is hardly a more authentic way to experience the cultural custom than during your trip to the Indian subcontinent.

Every year in Bangalore you can enjoy numerous Holi festivities with colorful celebrations, various music acts (e.g. DJs or live bands) as well as culinary specialties - an unforgettable experience for all India travelers!

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