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What makes Brussels stand out as a destination?

The city of Brussels is the capital and residence city of the Kingdom of Belgium - which is the center of the Brussels-Capital Region. However, besides the headquarters of the European Union, NATO and EUROCONTROL, the city has much more to offer!

Europe's capital, despite its big names, has the charm of a small village while providing the cultural offerings of a big city - Brussels has many faces, so you should take your time to explore the city at your leisure.

Did you know that Brussels consists of 19 independent cities, each with its own mayor and administration? Not to mention the numerous nightlife options that make a visit varied and worth seeing!


Brussels is old, Brussels is new, Brussels is poor and Brussels is rich - there is hardly any other city in Europe where these contrasts are so close together! You can feel this diversity at every second and see it best on a guided tour through the city. What Brussels lacks, however, is a visible river - the Senne flows through the city, but only underground. Instead, there are seven hills over which Brussels is spread.

Brussels - a feel-good city between global politics and rural charm

Brussels is not only the center of the European Union. Brussels is also the capital of Art Nouveau and the comic strip - it seems here and there like the combination of rural idyll and cosmopolitan metropolis.

And the charm of Brussels is also the coexistence of new and old. You walk through the alleys of the Ilôt Sacré, for example, or through the medieval city center to the famous Grand'Place and find yourself a few streets away in the modern European Quarter.

The city has character and it's worth getting to know it! What you will discover on almost every tour of the city are green spaces: Brussels has more than 8,000 hectares of them.

And if you're out and about a lot, you'll want to eat and enjoy yourself. That's easy to do in Belgium's capital! The city has over 2,000 restaurants, bars that serve delicious craft beer and the finest confectionery stores with the best Belgian chocolate - of course you will find the delicious waffles here!

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