Hotels and accommodation in Bremen, Germany

Hotels and accommodation in Bremen, Germany

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What is there to experience during your trip in Bremen?

The municipality of Bremen is the capital of the state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. With about three million inhabitants, the city on the Weser and European metropolitan regions Northwest - one of eleven European metropolitan regions in Germany.

Bremen is as diverse as it is colorful and interesting! There are numerous sights and stories to discover in the city. Of course, the Hanseatic city is also home to the world-famous Bremen Town Musicians. With this much is already said, Bremen lives from its tradition.

The city looks back on a rich and proud history as a Hanseatic city, which today is characterized by tradition and cosmopolitanism. Dreamily you stroll through unknown alleys, enjoy a light breeze on your skin or listen to the sounds of the city.


The beautiful city on the Weser enchants with its very own flair. The Hanseatic atmosphere, the cultural and culinary delights invite you to linger and the diverse sights enrich your stay to an unforgettable experience.

Around the Roland - a statue in the center of the city - you will find charming accommodations and great hotels at your disposal during your stay in Bremen.

Bremen - wonderful northern lights on the banks of the Weser River

On both sides of the Weser lies Bremen before its mouth into the North Sea. Striking for you will be the northern serenity. The inhabitants of the city are very hospitable and entertaining at the same time and give the city its additional charm.

Culture lovers have a lot on their daily schedule in Bremen. You stroll along Sielwall the Ostertorsteinweg in the direction of the city center, where you pass directly by the Kulturmeile. There you will find the Theater Bremen, the Kunsthalle, the Gerhard-Marcks-Haus and the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus.

Not far from the Kulturmeile is also the Schnoor quarter. A lovely district with classic Bremen sights, medieval arcades and small colorful houses. A little further on you will reach the St. Petri Cathedral and the market square.

At the market square you will also find the impressive town hall of the city and the bronze monument of the Bremen Town Musicians, which reminds of the fairy tale of the same name by the Brothers Grimm.

By the way, if you want to explore the city on your own, there are also audio guide tours. The ideal complement for an informative and exciting walk through the historic Hanseatic city.


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