Hotels and accommodation in Tel Aviv, Israel

Hotels and accommodation in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Tel Aviv-Yafo - the White City on the Mediterranean Sea

Jerusalem may be the spiritual center of Israel, but Tel Aviv is the modern and vibrant heart of the country. While party-goers from all over the world stroll through the streets of the city at night, it offers numerous opportunities during the day to let yourself drift relaxed.

The city on the Mediterranean Sea is in no way inferior to cities like Barcelona, Paris or Berlin! Millions of visitors flock to the city every year, whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, Tel Aviv-Yafo is a diverse and exciting experience at any time of year!


Ride your e-bike along the seafront, meet for lunch at Carmel Market and take in the smells of the diverse spices, or visit the historic Yafo neighborhood, with its great and charming restaurants and bars: Tel Aviv has something for everyone!

Whether in the center of the city - not far from Rothschild Boulevard - or in the historic Yafo, everywhere you will find accommodations and hotels that exactly meet your expectations. Let yourself be carried away by the flair of the city and experience a colorful adventure in the White City on the Mediterranean!

Excursions, sightseeing and leisure activities in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Tel Aviv-Yafo is a young, modern and cosmopolitan metropolis in the Middle East. The colorful and diverse city offers adventure seekers numerous opportunities to explore.

You can expect thriving art communities, Bauhaus-style neighborhoods - from which the city gets its nickname "White City" - and a seemingly endless beach right by the city: you'll be thrilled!

And if you're into history, you won't have to sacrifice anything in Tel Aviv! Although the city is very young, there is still a historical core. You can reach the Yafo district, for example, by following the beach promenade - the best way to do that is by e-bike! Sights include the Kikar Kedumim archaeological site, the Al-Saraya al-Atika palace and the lighthouse.

Our tip: Take the opportunity to explore the city's colorful markets! At the top of the list is of course the Carmel Market (Shuk Ha`Carmel) with its mountains of halva, baklava, kadaifi and numerous street kitchens: a culinary experience in a class of its own!

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