Hotels and accommodation in Doha, Qatar

Hotels and accommodation in Doha, Qatar

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Why is Doha the right destination for you?

Qatar's capital on the Persian Gulf is a modern metropolis! The region has been traversed by nomadic Bedouins for thousands of years - but it was not until 1850 that the foundations were laid for the permanent settlement of the peninsula.

Due to the increasing economic opportunities, the cityscape and life in Doha has also developed rapidly. Today Doha has a rich offer of sights and cultural treasures.


Today Doha offers a modern cityscape of skyscrapers and luxurious hotels - nestled between the desert and the sea! Doha is not only one of the richest cities, but also one of the most architecturally interesting cities in the world.

The city's mosques and palaces exude a timeless beauty that transports visitors to the world of 1001 nights. A special highlight of the city of Doha: the artificial island "The Pearl", equally impressive is also the Doha Corniche, a kilometer-long beach promenade, where, among other things, the palace of the Emir is located.

Doha - a beautiful coastal city on the Persian Gulf

Doha has a lot to offer! The city is beautiful, large and particularly impressive. The only thing Doha lacks is a long and rich history, as you can find in cities like Istanbul, Paris or London.

Nevertheless, there are numerous cultural sites and attractions to discover. One of them is the Museum of Islamic Art! The building was designed by the star architect I.M. Pei - who spent half a year traveling through the Arab world for his final masterpiece and united the impressions of these regions in one building.

From the Museum of Islamic Art and the nearby waterfront, you have a wonderful view of Doha's skyline and West Bay!

Equally as extraordinary, the Katara Cultural Village. A 100-acre arts and cultural center that preserves Qatari traditions and also provides space for other cultures. For travelers, a visit to the central, historic market Souq Waqif, is an absolute must!

If you want to discover the country's desert culture, we recommend a guided half-day tour to the Qatar desert. Visit important forts, archaeological sites and the beautiful beaches of the emirate.

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