Hotels and accommodation in Zurich, Switzerland

Hotels and accommodation in Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich - charming cosmopolitan city on the shores of Lake Zurich

The capital of the canton of the same name, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of around 400,000. Zurich is located in the eastern Swiss Mittelland, on the Limmat River at the outflow of Lake Zurich. Zurich, which originated from the Roman base Turicum, became a free imperial city in 1262 and a member of the Swiss Confederation in 1351.

At the time of industrialization, the city of Zurich experienced its rise to become today's economic metropolis of Switzerland. Despite its small population compared to other major cities, Zurich is a cosmopolitan city and the country's most important media and creative center.

The fantastic location on Lake Zurich, the well-preserved medieval old town and the diverse cultural offerings make Zurich a popular destination for travelers from all over the world!

In the historic old town area of Zurich, you will find wonderful city hotels and charming accommodations, which are only a few minutes walk from the numerous sights and localities. The city center is divided into two parts: one on the left bank of the Limmat River and one on the right bank.

One of the special sights on the right bank is the Niederdorf with its many stores and traditional restaurants. On the left bank is the old town church Fraumünster and the old Kornhaus.

What sights and activities does Zurich have to offer for you?

The charming cosmopolitan city of Zurich has a lot to offer for city travelers! First-class sights, excellent shopping, natural day trip destinations and of course regional specialties: everything you need for your stay in the city on Lake Zurich!

Top 10 sights, attractions and activities in Zurich:

  • Grossmünster
  • Fraumünster
  • Uetliberg
  • Bahnhofstrasse
  • Lake Zurich
  • Sechseläutenplatz
  • Lindenhof
  • Old Town
  • Casino Zurich
  • Zurich West

Once an industrial park, today a popular and lively district with great bars, restaurants and excellent shopping: Zurich-West offers a colorful mix of rustic industrial district and modern recreation. Many old factory buildings have been given a new lease of life and now offer the ideal setting for creative new creations.

The absolute highlight is the 126 meter high Prime Tower! On the top two floors there is a restaurant and a bar, from where you can enjoy an impressive view over the city and Lake Zurich!

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