Hotels and accommodation in New Orleans, USA

Hotels and accommodation in New Orleans, USA

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What is there to discover in New Orleans during your trip?

New Orleans, the largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana, is world-famous for its historic Old Town, the French Quarter and its irrepressible joie de vivre! "The Big Easy" - as the city is also called - enchants visitors with its energy and rhythmic sounds!

The founding of New Orleans dates back to 1718 and its founding father Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. The New Orleans area was the destination of numerous European immigrants from France, Germany, Spain and Ireland. For this reason in particular, the city is also a melting pot of cultures, uniting numerous cultural currents in a multi-faceted composition.

To this day, New Orleans is also known for its Creole and voodoo culture, which came with the slave trade from Africa and America. And the city is at least as famous for its many musical genres - not without reason is New Orleans also called the cradle of jazz.

No matter what time of year you visit the city in the delta of the Mississippi River, you will be amazed by the beauty and diversity of the city! Nevertheless, there is one day of the year when the New Orleans seems a bit more colorful: At the time of Mardi Gras - the last day before Ash Wednesday - the city becomes an entire party mile! Colorful parades parade through the streets and people throw beaded necklaces - an experience for travelers and locals alike!

New Orleans - unique blend of cultural and musical treasures

Few cities will captivate you as much as New Orleans! The unique blend of the Caribbean, Spanish, French (European) and African culture gives the city its incomparable charm and unique appeal.

Top 10 Sights in New Orleans

  • French Quarter
  • French Market
  • Bourbon Street
  • Louis Armstrong Park
  • Madame John's Legacy
  • Garden District
  • Jackson Square
  • Mardi Gras World
  • City Park
  • Audubon Aquarium of the Americans

Besides all the cultural and musical treasures, New Orleans is also a city of good taste! In the city's great restaurants and cafés you can enjoy New Orleans regional specialties like gumbo, jambalaya, po'boy sandwich or boiled crawfish - a cultural and culinary experience!

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